3D Printing(FDM/SLA)

3D Printing (FDM/SLA)

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Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the fast fabrication of a physical part, model, or assembly using 3D computer-aided design (CAD). The creation of the part, model, or assembly is usually completed using additive manufacturing/3D Printing.

custom tools

Prototyping tools are the tools to help you make product creation faster and much more effective.
Prototypes demonstrate your ideas, and in doing so can change the way you design.


Lithophanes offer a unique way to add some sophistication to your photos. Turning photos into 3D objects gives them more feeling and literally adds a new dimension. And not just plane photos also Moon Lamps, Curved Night Lamps, Night Lamp Box, and much more…

Architectural Models

3D printing architectural models have never been so easy!
Forget about Foamcore, we produce white architectural models in any format you may need for an improved representation or to showcase multiple alternatives on the initial phase of your project.

Action Figures

3D printing has had a huge impact on all kinds of objects… even action figures. But since 3D printing is all about customization it is also the perfect technology to create your own action figure or just printing something from the internet

DIY Projects

3D printing is such a fun way to produce creative work. Now, you can use this amazing new technology to create all kinds of wild and wonderful 3D printed projects that were previously all but impossible to make.

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3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process in which solid objects are created from various materials based on 3D Model. Rather than cutting away material, objects are created by printing layers of material that are combined to produce a physical object. 3D printing has a wide variety of uses. Users can create anything from jewelry and puzzle pieces to architectural models and cookie cutters. Prints can range from artistic to functional, all based on the user’s creativity and needs.
about 3d printing. 
We offer 3D Printing in 2 types of procedures:

  • FDM 
  • SLA
The cost depends on your model and order quantity. We can give you a quote only after reviewing your model.
If your design is simple and doesn’t need any support structure the cost will be lower. 
We use a standard 0.2mm layer height for all prints, But if you have any specific requirements we can higher or lower the layer height for fine detailing. The standard Infill percent will be 20% but can be changed according to your needs.
We can tell the estimated time only after reviewing your model.
We have multiple options in FDM i.e PLA,ABS,PETG
For SLA we print in standard resin but can get you tough, transparent,flexible and castable resins for special orders.

It works by using a UV light Emitting Screen to harden liquid resin that is contained in a reservoir to create the desired 3D shape. In a nutshell, this process converts UVsensitive liquid into 3D solid plastics in a layer-by-layer fashion using UV Source and photopolymerization.
MSLA is one of the most precise 3D printing techniques on the market.
Prototypes can be created with extremely high quality, with finely detailed features (thin walls, sharp corners, etc…), and complex geometrical shapes. Layer thicknesses can be made as low as 10 μm.

FDM is a production method used for fabrication, production applications, and mechanical system modeling. The technique produces a tissue scaffold by the melt extrusion method that is making use of a layer-by-layer thermoplastic polymer. FDM uses a moving nozzle to extrude a fiber of polymeric material (x- and y-axis control) from which the physical model is built layer-by-layer.