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What are we?

We are an Engineering Firm based in Mumbai which focuses on 3D Modelling , Generative Designing,3D Printing and Laser Engraving Services. We have served many clients and completed numerous projects of varying difficulty. Our Aim was to provide quality finished products to our customer . We also have a YouTube channel where we share 3d printing related content. We continuously update our Social Media Handles with our new projects and information regarding 3D Pritning.

We can help you optimize your design to create a 3D printed Model and Further create a Prototype. We also 3D print Art Work designed in a CAD Software so you can Experience your thoughts come to life.like Lithophanes, Miniatures, Action Figures, Industrial Prototypes, Architecture Models ,DIY Projects and Laser Engraving on various materials. We can handle variety of jobs across multiple disciplines.

We look forward knowing you and share insights about each others projects and work.


Created in 2018, Re3Define was created to make the manufacturing industry easier for companies and individuals alike. We provide professional manufacturing services with lead times and prices better than the competition with attention to detail that others seem to overlook.  We allow you to talk to someone who knows the ins and outs of the process that BEST suits your project. 
We are a highly specialized company with diverse resources which allow us to:
  • Fulfill all orders and provide supplies when you need them.
  • Evolve and adapt to customer needs, wants, habits and requirements.
  • Develop Good relationships with of our customers

The process at Re3Define is simple to understand, we provide the most efficient and personalized manufacturing experience possible. 
We start by evaluating the supplies and equipment needed to successfully complete your project, we then leverage our volume to provide you with lower pricing and faster turnaround times while reducing if not completely eliminating waste, saving you even more money.

With our unique ability to accept jobs of various sizes, you never have to worry if you chose the right company for the job.
Your project will be handled with expert advice, individualized attention and innovative solutions.
We will provide you with a one of a kind manufacturing experience and strive to be your go to 3D Printing service provider.