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3d printing

3D Printing is a process of constructing a 3-dimensional object using various additive methods. The 3D printing process turns a whole object into thousands of tiny little slices, then constructs it step by step. Because of this, various difficult geometries can be created that are difficult or sometimes not possible in conventional manufacturing methods.



CAD Modelling is a process of creating 3D Models using computer Softwares. It can help you visualise the design on the computer screen itself. The CAD models can further be used for making prototypes using 3D printers.

Laser services

We provide various laser services such as Laser engraving on materials such as wood ,metal, acrylic,leather etc. We also provide laser cutting services for wood, acrylic,MDF, Sunboard etc. above which can be used for industrial, corporate gifting, or any personal use.